Review of The Walking Man by Wright Forbucks

The Walking Man The Walking Man by Wright Forbucks reviewed by wendycartmell

After starting and rejecting several books in the library of my kindle for various issues such as muddled (or no) plot, badly drawn characters and unrealistic dialogue, I was so pleased to find The Walking Man. This book has none of the above traits. The voice of Francis rings through loud and clear from the start. Here is a young man beset by problems, who has an ironical look on life. His friends and characters from the hospital are believable (although some are a bit weird) with crisp dialogue that instantly shows their traits. This book is by turn amusing, and upsetting, but never ever boring. A fast entertaining read that should be on your Kindle!

Review of One Fine Day in the Middle of the Night by Christopher Brookmyre

One Fine Day in the Middle of the Night One Fine Day in the Middle of the Night by Christopher Brookmyre reviewed by Lindsay

I love Brookmyres style, his mix of dark comedy, wit, subterfuge and great dialogue almost without exception has me reading long into the night as his tales are simply unput downable. I get the impression that he is not terribly famous as a writer outside his native country Scotland and I've never quite understood why. The title is taken from a rhyme of the same name.

Review of Work! Consume! Die! by Frankie Boyle

Work! Consume! Die! Work! Consume! Die! by Frankie Boyle reviewed by katybuss

Frankie Boyle is like Marmite, and if you are familiar with him you will know whether you love him, or hate him.

If you don't know who he is, I would suggest you find out before reading this book.

Work! Consume! Die! is as offensive as you would expect from Frankie. It takes the form of a fantastical autobiographical story interspersed with Frankie's rants about the world.

The topics he covers are very of the minute, so if you would consider reading this book, do it sooner rather than later, before it seems outdated.

There is an underlying message in this book, Frankie's call to arms, to encourage people to try to improve their lives, read more books and expand their minds.

Review of Before I Go To Sleep by SJ Watson

Before I Go To Sleep Before I Go To Sleep by S J Watson reviewed by katybuss

Before I Go To Sleep is a gripping psychological thriller. As the book progresses it creates a slowly building sense of terror in a gentle middle aged suburban setting.

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