A Question of Trust

Author: Penny Vincenzi

ISBN: 0755377621
EAN: 9780755377626
Publication Date: 2017-10-05

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A Question of Trust
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AT THE HEART OF IT is vintage Penny Vincenzi: rich with characters, life-changing decisions, love, desire and conflict. 'There are few things better in life than ... the latest novel by Penny Vincenzi' Daily Express 1950s London. Tom Knelston is charismatic, working class and an active member of the Labour party, with a passion for the newly formed NHS. He is a man to watch. His wife Alice had a career as a nurse, and shares his ideals. It seems they are the perfect match. Then out of the blue, Tom meets beautiful and unhappily married Diana Southcott, a fashion model. An exciting but dangerous affair is inevitable and potentially damaging to their careers. And when a child becomes ill, Tom is forced to make decisions about his principles, his career, his marriage, and most of all, his love for his child.

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