Old Sins

Author: Penny Vincenzi

Format: Kindle eBook
Publication Date: 2011-09-16

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Old Sins
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POWER: Two clever, stylish and ambitious women are fighting for control of a multi-million cosmetics empire. MYSTERY: What is the secret that lies behind its charming, ruthless, mysterious creator, Julian Morell - and why when he dies does he split the family inheritance between his family and a complete stranger? GLAMOUR: Here are the designer interiors, the jewels, pictures, cars and to-die-for couture of the rich and the super-rich - the glittering, fabulous world Julian created for himself, and the six powerful women who loved him. PASSION: A love story, poignant, sexy, tempestuous, spanning thirty years, a mother, a mistress, a wife and a daughter, but always overshadowed by ... old sins.

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